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Meet @careexpconf team member Elaine Pearson-Scott! @s3eptds

I am honoured to be part of the steering group; the time is long overdue for our services to meet the needs of all our looked after children and care leavers.

I will be 30 years SW qualified next year and have seen a lot of progress. However, it hurts me to the core how things that we shouted about decades ago can still be an issue now. If it isn’t good enough for our child, it is not good enough for a child in care over used now but still true.

Elaine currently provides external supervision, regulation 44, complaints management and Agency Decision Maker services as a freelance. In addition, she is a Founder CEO of the Regulation 44 association. Elaine also started and registered a respite fostering service while Executive Director at PPC providing a specialist to children and families affected by HIV.

She is a successful fundraiser with experience of securing income through a variety of source and has had considerable success in the developing and participating in strategic partnerships. Elaine has, worked closely with trustees to deliver strategic goals and developed partnerships with public, private and voluntary sector colleagues. Elaine is a trustee within the sector. As well as contributing to local and national policy developments, Elaine has spoken at and chaired conferences.

An accomplished Leader, who has led large and small teams of staff and volunteers. Elaine has been recognised for her individual contribution to the sector.

A qualified registered social worker with child protection and CIN experience at practitioner, specialist child protection officer, approved social worker, practice management and senior management levels in the local authority and voluntary sector. Delivered contracted services across CYP, Early Years, Fostering and Residential services, Family Support, Domestic Abuse, sexual exploitation, Specialist HIV, homelessness and runaways.