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Voices of Exclusion by Lisa Cherry #careexperiencedresearch


Voices of Exclusion Website


My own life's journey has led me to feel strongly that 'having a voice' is a powerful healer of adversity and trauma. Many years of silence about my own childhood, while working within education and social work, fuelled shame and disconnection. Here I was working with vulnerable children and young people and yet I could share my story with no-one.

All that changed nearly 10 years ago when I became self employed and started writing books. That process of writing took my own recovery journey to another level and meant that my story was 'out there'. That process changed everything.

I came to understand that I was not alone, that adult voices are so often vacant, invisible, not even hidden and this is largely driven by shame and a missing language of expression of the experience. Outside of a therapy room who asks 'what was it like for you?' What was the impact of exclusion on your adult life?'

This website is about giving a space for those voices and for understanding that exclusion is about so much than a legal terminology within an education setting.

My hope is that the more people who understand behaviour as communication and the impact of being misunderstood and then excluded, the more motivated professionals will be in doing everything they can OTHER than exclude. Many schools do. Thank fully. Thank you!

Through deepening our understanding of the importance of attachment, trauma and supporting the growth of robust vulnerability,  then having practical strategies to deal with children and young people living with and post trauma, we can recover in an environment that is safe for us all.


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